A scientific and spiritual journey into who we are and what we need to thrive.

La Montaña Azul - Costa Rica
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Transform the way you feel about yourself by learning the best technologies and ancient methods to manifest your peak health and happiness! 

Feel the effect of the best food and water in the planet, move within the primary forest, disconnect from your mind to heal your heart and body and take home the knowledge on how to apply the newest technologies in rejuvenation and longevity.



John Bagnulo

PHD Nutrition

He has MPH from the University of North Carolina and a Doctorate of Human Nutrition and Food Science from the University of Maine.  Researcher, university associate professor, and consultant for the past twenty years.  He currently serves as a core faculty member for the Center for Mind Body Medicine and as the Director of Nutrition for Nutritional Medicinals. 


In addition to his passion for increasing the public’s knowledge and awareness around the subject of how food and agriculture influence patterns of health and disease, John is an adventure traveller and climber having spent considerable time in many of the World’s remote mountain ranges with indigenous cultures.



Director Medical Education, Wellness and Population Health Berkshire Health Systems Associate Dean of Medical Education

University of Massachusetts Medical School

He is a board certified Internist, Nephrologist and Integrative Medicine physician practicing for over 25 years.  He received his A.B. from Boston University and his M.D. from the University of Massachusetts Medical School. 

His postdoctoral training was at Harvard Medical School.  He completed his renal fellowship at The Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.  


He currently serves as Director of Medical Education, Wellness and Population Health at Berkshire Health Systems in western Massachusetts. He also serves as an Associate Dean of Medical Education and Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.   

Simón Rodríguez

Chi kung, mindfullness and health expert

Has deepened his knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Spain. Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung teacher with more than 12 years of practice and study from

the greatest teachers in America and Asia. 


Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York. Director and Founder of

Alaya Camp in La Montaña Azul, a program specialized in providing tools for evolution and happiness to families, educational centers and youth.

Carla Pérez-Galicia

Life and health coach

Women's  health and relationships specialist, meditation teacher, author of the book: The Secret of the Feminine and co founder of Yumma Superfoods in Mexico City. 


Carla helps people discover and manifest their true power by healing their bodies and breaking down the beliefs that make them feel small, to transform  their relationships and dare to shine


Participants will discover:

The  nutritional foundation, physical activity, spiritual and energetic practices,  contact with nature that supports optimal health and youth. 

  • How to use food and supplements for defeating inflammation  and  rejuvenate  at a cellular level
  • Gut-Brain relationship. Learn how to use  food for happiness and train your brain for health
  • Mitochondria efficiency as the #1  key to rejuvenation
  • The rol of light in our metabolism, guts and microbiome
  • Epi genetics: The new medicine to be young and happy in the long term. 
  • Learn about the newest testing technologies to discover how to stop your personal aging process.
  • Apply the principles of chineese medicine trough chi kung  to heal yourself energetically and physically 
And much more...


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